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The Big Bang Theory

(2007 - 2019)
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Bei der amerikanischen Sitcom The Big Bang Theory geht es um vier Physiker, Dr. Dr. Sheldon Cooper, energisch und ein brillanter Kopf, stark von sich selbst überzeugt, abweisend anderen gegenüber und sehr naiv. Dann gibt es dort noch Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, ebenfalls brillant, dennoch auch ein netter…mehr anzeigen

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The Big Bang Theory

Die Notausstiegs-Hypothese The Escape Hatch Identification

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Raj has posted on social media that he can no longer afford his apartment and is looking for a cheaper place to live. Independent of each other, both Howard and Bernadette and Leonard and Penny want but don't really want to help their friend by offering him a temporary place to stay - the Wolowitz's garage and Sheldon's old bedroom respectively. After all three parties learn about all that is on the table as options for Raj, the collective decide that the best temporary solution would be for Raj to move into Sheldon's old bedroom. Although most knew Sheldon would feel uncomfortable with the situation - like Raj is invading his space - it is some other comments that Sheldon makes about the issue that places a strain between himself and Raj. Knowing that what he is feeling is irrational, Sheldon turns to Beverly for her professional opinion on why he is feeling the way he is. Beverly entering the fray has unintended consequences for all involved. Meanwhile, Sheldon is thinking about getting another roommate of another kind, Amy who makes her feelings about the issue well known.

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